Monitoring Services

Monitor Resources And Hazards In Real Time

Improve the effectiveness of your planning with accurate up-to-date information


Track valuable resources daily

Resources like water are indispensible for the life, agriculture and industry. Yet changes in weather pattern are making them increasingly difficult to manage. ilika's advanced analytical techniques can detect several essential resources on the ground in real time and with precise accuracy. The data is fundamental for managing these resources to ensure their equitable distribution.

Image on the left shows levels of water in the Jayakwadi Dam near Paithan, Maharashtra on October 11th, 2021. We also provide metrics for surface area under water, volume of water and bathymetry. Our metrics are updated daily.


Monitor the emergencies in real time

Accurate assessment of catastrophic events is crucual in preparing emergency response. The conditions on ground change often and knowing the latest is crucial for damage assessment. Hazardous nature of the emergencies may make it difficult to assess the true state of the conditions on ground.

Our data can accurately report the exact conditions on ground in real time. The image of right depicts the bushfires in eastern Australia in January 2020. Our algorithm can detect active fiires, area burned as well as concentration of smoke and ash.