Earth Observation

See Our Planet In Unprecedented Details

True Color Image, Western United States

Weather Monitoring

Track The Weather Events In Real Time

Hurricane Dorian Making Landfall On Bahamas

Disaster Management

Understand The Impact Of Extreme Events

Bushfires, New South Wales, Australia

Geospatial Analytics

Analyze The Data To Reveal The Trends

Enhanced Vegetation Index, Before And After The Monsoons, Indian Subcontinent


We transform observations into intelligence

We are experiencing radical transformation in the field of Earth Observation. The number of satellites orbiting the Earth has never been greater, and it is growing at ever faster pace. These satellites are collecting unprecedented amounts of data which offers a whole new dimension to gauge our planet's pulse.

At ilika, we makse sense of this data. We aggregate the data from various platforms, annotate it with observations from ground based sensors and analyze it to deliver unparalleled insights for your business.


See wider see deeper see future

We understand the value additional dimensions bring. Our data analytics platform combines observations from remote sensing and ground based sensors with historical truth data from various databases. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms can predict the future.

To illustrate, the health of crops for a region allows us to estimate the yield from that region for the next harvest. The yield data is an important factor estamating future pricies for the crops.