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We are experiencing radical transformation in the field of Earth Observation. The number of satellites orbiting the Earth has never been greater, and it is growing at ever faster pace. These satellites are collecting unprecedented amounts of data which offers a whole new dimension to gauge our planet’s pulse.

At ilika, we makse sense of this data. We aggregate the data from various platforms, annotate it with observations from ground based sensors and analyze it to deliver unparalleled insights for your business.

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Identify potential risks: We can use geospatial data to identify potential risks to your operations, such as natural disasters or climate change. We can also help you identify new opportunities, such as new markets or new sources of supply.

Optimize your operations: We can help you optimize your supply chains or your production processes. We can also help you reduce your costs.

Become more sustainable: We can help you identify ways to reduce your environmental impact or to improve your energy efficiency. We can also help you develop new products or services that are more sustainable.

At ilika, we make sense of this data. We aggregate the data from various platforms, annotate it with observations from ground based sensors and analyze it to deliver unparalleled insights for your business.

Prajña Platform

Our Offerings

Earth Observation Indices™

Metrics to quantify natural and man-made changes to the Earth
Our indices leverage satellite data to measure real-world events like crop health, fire risk and carbon emissions.
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ESG Reporting

Data to help comply with ESG reporting requirements
Regulators require businesses to report risks of climate change on their operations. Our metrics help assess those.
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Hawamaan Weather App

Free weather app for small scale farmers in India
A free app to help small scale farmers in India cope with the unpredictability of weather. This is how we got started.
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