We consolidate diverse geospatial datasets into a collection of simple, consistent, analysis-ready time series, aiding financial clients in making data-driven investment decisions.

Why choose ilika


We navigate the complexity and diversity of numerous data sources, enabling our clients to concentrate on extracting alpha.


All our datasets are structured as consistent, interoperable time series, enabling clients to analyze market trends from various perspectives.


Our datasets encompass a wide range of financial markets, industry sectors, and geographic regions, and are derived off of the data from authoritative sources.

We transform observations into intelligence

Earth Observation is undergoing a radical transformation. The number of satellites orbiting the Earth has never been greater, and it is growing at an ever faster pace. These satellites are collecting unprecedented amounts of data, which offers a whole new dimension to understanding our planet.

At ilika, we help businesses make sense of this data. We aggregate data from various platforms, annotate it with observations from ground-based sensors, and analyze it to deliver unparalleled insights. Our insights can help businesses make better decisions about their operations, their products, and their strategies.


Prajña Platform

Our Offerings

Macroeconomic Indicators

Metrics to quantify overall economic health and trends of a country

Satellite Derived

Data to comply with spectral indices for environmental and agricultural management

Hawamaan Weather App

Free weather app for small scale farmers in India

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