EOI Showcase: Credibility

We take great care in ensuring that our data is highly accurate

We employ satellite data to quantify events on land, water and atmosphere.

Given the satellites scan the entire surface of the Earth in a very short period of time, our index have the obvious benefits of scale, cost and speed. But are our readings accurate?

The credibility of our metrics stems for the credibility of the raw satellite data they are derived from. Many of our indices are based on the data collected by satellites operated by prestigious organizations including NASA, ESA, NOAA and USGS. Their data is often the input to many scientific applications and weather simulations; and undergoes stringent quality checks before it is published. Our indices inherit many of the qualities of the high quality raw data they are based upon.

The above chart illustrates the accuracy of our indices.

It compares daily precipitation estimates from our precipitation index for Kissimmee, FL with the daily precipitation readings recorded by National Weather Service operated weather station at the same location. The chart illustrates that our estimates match very closely withe the actual ground based measurements. Note however that there are only a finite number of reliable weather stations in the USA and the world, but our indices cover any location on the Earth at very high spatial resolution.

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